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Professional Live In Carers

At Safehands Health Care, we make sure that we attract only high calibre candidates. We are looking for people who have the right attitude and skills. Working as a carer requires you to be compassionate, reliable and have an excellent working ethics. We take pride in providing the best quality care services across the UK. All our employees undergo regular comprehensive training on their knowledge and skills.

All candidates are asked to complete the job application form prior to an interview. After we receive the completed form, our HR team contacts the candidate by phone to have a general chat on their qualification, knowledge and experience. If they are successful we invite them to the second stage of the interview where they meet one of our recruitment representatives face to face. At this stage, we discuss their employment history, education and experience in more detail. Also, during the interview all candidates are asked to take an exam that presents several different real-life scenarios regarding live-in care.

What do our care package include?

Personal care including;


Household chores including;
cleaning and dusting
Administration & prompting of prescribed medication
Social support
Aided mobility
Assisting in trips, shopping &participating in events

At Safehands Health Care, we have a large group of professional and experienced live in carers who are spread all over the UK. Unlike many other companies, we do not outsource our candidates. We run our internal recruitment process, and we are very cautious about who we take on board. We value knowledge, experience and passion. We look for people who have the right skills, and attitude to be a carer. We carry spot checks on a regular basis to make sure that clients are happy with the services we are providing. We are open to any feedback and if there is anything to change, we do our best to resolve the issue.

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