Dementia care at home

Are you looking for dementia care at home?

We have a professional group of live in carers who specialise in dementia live in care. People with dementia may exhibit challenging behaviours. Therefore, it is essential to know how to support them and what to do in emergency situations.

Dementia Care At Home – What are the costs?

Our dementia care at home costs are very reasonable in comparison to the prices of care homes. We aim to provide the best care packages at affordable costs. Our live in care package prices start from £599 per week. Get in touch with one of our care consultants, and they will give you a non-obligatory call where they will explain the whole process of arranging live in care. Please note that all or part of your care can be funded by your local authorities.

Dementia is a very complex condition and needs to be handled carefully and by an experienced carer. All our carers have relevant skills and knowledge in dementia live in care. Therefore, they know how to react to emergency situations and what to do when clients put themselves in danger. Our dementia care at home services allow clients to remain home and enjoy their independent life for as long as it is possible.

Our live in carers are compassionate and caring besides having the relevant knowledge and skills. Carer usually assist a client with household activities such as cleaning, dusting, sweeping and other. They also prepare fresh meals daily. Things like giving out prescribed medicines, planning for events and assisting during family gatherings or appointments also belong to the duties of a carer.

The relationship between a carer and a client is very important. We always try to match a carer to the client in terms of interests and personality. Our live in carers always make sure that the client is treated with dignity and respect.

Dementia care at home – what are the benefits?

Dementia care at home gives the possibility to stay home. It can have a positive impact on client’s health because they stay with their family and friends and in the place they know. We have noticed that people who stay home recover better because they are not isolated from familiar surroundings. Therefore, it does not create confusion and the feelings of loneliness.

Our carers will make sure that clients have fresh and nutritious meals cooked every day. They will do the cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing and they will assist in any other household activities, family gatherings and medical appointments if required.

Dementia live in care is a personalised one-to-one service that is tailored individually to every client. Thanks to our carer, clients can pursue the lifestyle they used to live with no major changes to their routine.

Dementia – What You Should Know?

Dementia is not a disease. It is a set of symptoms out of which the most popular one is a memory loss. There are bigger chances of developing dementia when you get older. Dementia, however, is not a natural part of ageing. Some of the other symptoms that accompany dementia are losing mobility, personality changes, and problems with staying focused.

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